BMW 5 Series M5 G Chassis 2017+

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Supported coding options BMW 5 Series, M5 G30, G31, G38, F90

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Comfort and Convenience Features

• Windows to Close with Key Fob
• Disable Active Sound Design (Artificial Engine Sound)
• Enable Windows to Close when Doors are Open
• Enable Automatic Trunk to be Closed with Key Fob/Footwell switch
• Enable Soft Closing of Automatic Trunk
• Turn off Horn on Secure Feature when Locking with Engine Running
• Enable Sunroof Closing when Vehicle is Parked and Raining (If equipped)
• Enable Automatic Activation of Seat and Steering Wheel Heating

Safety Features

• Change Speed Limit Info Sign to ECE (Circle with Red Outline)
• Enable Rear Camera Zoom
• Change Default Camera View to Automatic (For vehicles equipped with 5DN)
• Tire Pressure and Temperature Displays (For vehicles equipped with TPMS)
• Turn off Seat Belt Reminder for Driver/Passenger
• Enable Assisted Driving View on G05/G06/G20  (Requires 5AU and Software from July 2019)
• Enable Automatic Lane Change Assist (Requires 5AT or 5AU)
• Enable Automatic Speed Limit Assistant (Requires 5AT for SP15 Models, all SP18 Models For Cruise Control and LIM)
• Enable Traffic Light Detection (Requires 5AU and Software from July 2020)
• Enable Give Way Warning / Yield Warning on Pre-LCI G01/G02/G11/G12/G30 (Requires with 5AT) *
• Enable Dynamic Spotlight (Requires 6UK Night Vision with 552 Adaptive LED or 5AZ BMW Laserlights)
• Change Default Distance on Adaptive Cruise Control

Instrument Cluster Features

• Digital Speedometer
• Enable Alpina Instrument Cluster Theme
• Change Sport Mode Color (Red or Grey)

Equipped with Live Cockpit (6U3)

• Change to M Performance Instrument Cluster Theme
• Change to M Vehicle Instrument Cluster Theme
• Enable Tire Pressure Monitor Display

Lighting Features

• Turn off Amber Side Marker on Headlights
• Disable Automatic Headlights in OFF Position
• EU Two-Stage Brake Lamp Operation (Flashing on Emergency Braking)
• Enable Anti-Dazzle High Beams (Vehicles with 552 Adaptive LED or 5AZ BMW Laserlights)
• Enable Variable Light Distribution (Vehicles with 552 Adaptive LED or 5AZ BMW Laserlights)
• Enable 5 Times Turn Signal in iDrive (Model Dependent)
• Enable Independent Rear Turn Signals 

iDrive/Infotainment Features

• Remove Start-up and Camera Legal Disclaimers
• Change Start-up Logo to M Logo
• Change Warning Chimes / PDC Sounds to BMW / Mini / Rolls Royce / BMW I (iDrive 5/6, iDrive 7 with 07/2021 i-Step and Newer)
• Enable Xvid, OCG, and Xvcd Format Codecs for USB Video (iDrive 5/6) 
• Enable Video in Motion for DVD/USB Playback
• Remove Speedlock Restriction for Mobile Office and User Manuals
• Enable Bang & Olufsen DSP Setting (688 – Harman Kardon Systems with Logic 7 only – iDrive 5/6)
• Enable Bower & Wilkins DSP Setting (688 – Harman Kardon Systems with Logic 7 only – iDrive 7)
• Retrofit Android Auto / Smartphone Mirroring

Enhanced Bluetooth Coding

Mobile Office Functionality
• iOS – View Received Text Messages
• Android – View and Reply to Text Message Conversations & Emails
• Allow up to two phones to be paired to the iDrive system

Drivetrain Features

• Start car in your preferred driving mode
• Auto Start/Stop System – Remember Last User Setting/Memory
•Euro MDM - Traction control Recalibration
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