Alpina B3 Transmission Tune

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Bored of how your BMW E9x 3 series vehicle shifts? Want quicker up-shifts, better rev-matching, and better fuel economy out of the D drive mode? Look no further than the Alpina B3 transmission software flash.

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Available for: E9x 335i models (N54 or N55)

Build Dates: 3/2007 or newer

Requirements: Automatic transmission

Benefits of the flash:

  • Faster and more responsive shifts
  • Faster paddle response
  • Faster launches
  • Improved rev-matching on downshifts
  • An overall improvement in every day drivability,
  • Better fuel economy out of the D
  • Gauge cluster will show the gear (D1, D2, etc.) rather than just “D”

 The B3 is the Alpina version of the E9x 335i and is only available in Europe. The car has the same transmission as the 335i but uses a different software version with different settings.

Because the transmission is the same and the software is OEM, it can be safely flashed to US cars to allow 335i owners to take advantage of the improved performance.

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