Coding is done using BMW factory software and a laptop which connects to your cars OBD2 service port. Your cars configuration files for the specific module to code are downloaded to the laptop and a backup is made. After storing a backup of your cars configuration files, we alter the configuration file to enable or disable your desired feature. We then upload the modified configuration file back to the car and the coding is complete after testing for functionality. Because a backup is made for your specific car, if at any point the customer decides to revert back to the stock configuration, all it takes is a simple re-upload and the change is reverted.

Its important to note that coding your vehicle does not make any alterations to the modules software. We like to use the analogy of a light switch explaining coding to the customer. By changing the settings in the BMW modules configuration file to either aktiv or nicht-aktiv, we essentially flip a switch to either turn the feature on or off. Nothing but the switch is modified. Most fear from coding comes from the belief that we are uploading new software to the modules, and if a glitch happens during that firmware upload, the module would then corrupt and be rendered defective. This would definitely be true if we were uploading or upgrading software, however, because we are only changing the configuration file which the software reads and uses to control itself, there is no danger. This is still true even if the vehicles battery dies, the laptop crashes, or the cable has a connection error.

Once again using the analogy of a light switch, coding features on your BMW is like flipping a light switch in your home. All we do is change the switch to either aktiv or nicht-aktiv in the modules configuration files. We do not alter the cars electrical circuits, software, or operating environment. All we do is say whether or not things are enabled or disabled. We do not re-wire, hack, or change anything on your car physically, everything is reversible.

Because of the nature of coding mentioned above, coding will not void your cars warranty if under CPO or factory warranty. This is because we do not alter the vehicle to do something it was not originally designed to do. All features enabled/disabled during the coding process are technically already present on your vehicle, coding just flips the switch to enable or disable it. Rest assured, a simple coding would be all it takes to revert the changes back to stock.

Coding your BMW begins with requesting a quote for your specifc vehicle and feature request. This does two things; it gives you a firm price for the features you want, and allows us to verify your vehicles ability to receive the desired coding. If we find the feature request is incompatible with your vehicles year and model, well let you know, saving you time and money. After receiving your quote, a time, date, and location to meet is scheduled whereupon coding services are rendered. Upon arrival you will be asked to verify which features are desired. The coder will then connect the coding laptop and OBD2 interface cable to the cars service port located in the driver side footwell. It will typically take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to do a code of about 3-5 features on a car. The whole time the coding tech is working, the customer is welcome to ask questions and observe the entire process.

A typical 4-5 feature coding takes about 10-20 minutes, and a simple one module code with two features takes about 5 minutes. After the coding process, we verify if the changes were accepted and the requested feature functionality is present.

If you take your car to the dealership or independent mechanic and for whatever reason they update any module’s software to a newer version, you will lose all your customized codes and will need to code your vehicle again.

As outlined above, coding will not and can not break or brick your BMW or its modules. It is perfectly safe. We are not flashing new software to your car, only modifying configuration files which tells the cars functional software what is enabled or disabled.

If for whatever reason you choose to have any changes we code to your car reversed, there will be a re-code fee of $15 per feature after the first session is over.

We will update any vehicle module software except the iDrive module (updating it can require 4+ hours) We currently offer the E46 M3 CSL DME engine + E46 M3 CSL transmission flash for the E46 M3 with SMG II, N54 PPK, and N55 PPK, and Alpina B3 transmission flash, among others.

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